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Best refrigerator parts Top 10 pick 2018

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refrigerator parts Best extended Pick Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1Bestseller No. 1
Samsung DA29-10105J external refrigerator filter
  • Samsung DA29-10105J External In-Line Fridge Water Filter model DA29-10105J
  • Genuine Samsung Water Filter Supplied. A Samsung genuine part manufactured for Samsung Electronics by Microfilter Co., LTD, South Korea.
  • Enjoy clean and fresh tasting water, tested and certified by NSF International for safety and performance: NSF Code DA2010CB
  • Latest model with 1000 Gallons / 3785 Litres capacity
  • Newly improved chlorine taste and odour reduction up to 96.9%. Enjoy clean and fresh tasting water. Easy to install, filter holders included.
Bestseller No. 2Bestseller No. 2
Genuine SAMSUNG DA29-00003F/HAFIN1-EXP Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter for Samsung Fridge
  • Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus water filter for Samsung refrigerators, original Samsung branded filter.
  • Replacement filter part Samsung DA29-0000F, HAFIN1/EXP, DA97-06317A-B.
  • Also fits filter models: DA29-00003G, DA97-06317A, HAFIN2/EXP, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003B, DA61-00159A.
  • Capacity: 500 Gallons / 1892 Litres / 6 Months. Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI standard 42.
  • Manufactured in South Korea by Microfilter Co., Ltd for Samsung Electronics.
Bestseller No. 3Bestseller No. 3
Whirlpool 481213428078 Refrigerator Light Fitting
  • Replacement Whirlpool American Type T Click Fridge Lamp
  • 40 Watts
  • 230 Volts
Bestseller No. 4Bestseller No. 4
sourcingmap Plastic Compressor Starter Relay 1/5 HP Refrigerator Part Black
  • Product Name : Starter Relay;Fit : 1/5HP Refrigerator
  • Material : Plastic, Metal;Total Size : 30 x 27 x 32mm/ 1.1" x 1" x 1.2" (L*W*H)
  • Color : Black
  • Net Weight : 26g
  • Package : 1 x Starter Relay
Bestseller No. 5Bestseller No. 5
White Knight Upright Tall Larder Fridge L240H Freestanding
  • 2 years Parts and Labour Guarantee
  • Net Volume: 240 litres
  • Dimensions: 1435 x 550 x 580mm
  • Energy Consumption: 129kWh/annum
Bestseller No. 6Bestseller No. 6
Bosch White Refrigerator Door Handle. Genuine part number 152790
  • Genuine replacement handle for your Bosch fridge freezer.
  • This can fit fridge freezers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • There is a full list of appliances this part fits below . Click on techncial details.
  • Manufacturer's Code - 152790
SaleBestseller No. 7Bestseller No. 7
Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B 43L Table Top A+ Energy Rating Fridge Black
  • Net fridge capacity is 43 Litre
  • A+ energy rating
  • Reversible door
  • Size : (H)83.9 x (W)48.6 x (D)53.6 cm
  • Door bottle rack
Bestseller No. 8Bestseller No. 8
LG OEM Original Part: EAU60694527 Refrigerator DC Motor
  • LG OEM Original Part: EAU60694527 Refrigerator DC Motor
  • Replaces: EAU60694527
Bestseller No. 9Bestseller No. 9
sourcingmap® Black 1/3 HP Refrigerator Parts Electromagnetic Compressor PTC Starter Relay
  • Product Name : Starter Relay;Fit : 1/3 HP Refrigerator
  • Material : Plastic, Metal;Total Size : 30 x 24 x 32mm/ 1.2" x 1" x 1.3" (L*W*H)
  • Color : Black
  • Net Weight : 27g
  • Package : 1 x Starter Relay
Bestseller No. 10Bestseller No. 10
Smeg Fridge Freezer Ice Box Door. Genuine Part Number 696135911
  • Genuine replacement ice box door for your fridge freezer.
  • This can fit fridge freezers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part / accessory is suitable for click on "See more product details" & then click "See all product details"
  • This is a genuine product
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
Bestseller No. 11Bestseller No. 11
Genuine Hotpoint Spare Parts Refrigerator Wine & Bottle Rack C00264269
  • Manufacturers genuine part number
  • Genuine spare part direct from the manufacturer
  • This part is suitable for selected Hotpoint Refrigerators and Fridge Freezers. Please use the model list in description to check this part fits your appliance
  • If you're in need of more space for your bottles then this genuine Hotpoint spare part is the perfect accessory for your refrigerator! Keep your bottles neat, organised and secure in the bottle rack. This part is also known as a wine rack.
Bestseller No. 12Bestseller No. 12
Beko Middle Fridge Door Shelf
  • Genuine replacement bottle holder rack/door shelf for your fridge freezer.
  • This can fit fridge freezers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part/accessory is suitable for click on "See more product details" and then click "See all product details".
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
Bestseller No. 13Bestseller No. 13
Zanussi Refrigerator Glass Shelf Plastic Back Trim (White)
  • Replacement Plastic Trim For Your Zanussi Refrigerator.
  • Genuine Zanussi Replacement Spare Part.
  • Fits Models: ZRT623W, ZBA3230A, ZBA6230A, ZBA7230A, ZBA23020SA, ZBA23040SA, ZBA23020SV, ZBA3224A, ZBA5224A, ZBA7224A, ZBA22420SA, ZBA22440SA, ZBA22420SV, ZUD9124A, ZQS6124, ZI2442/1, ZI9224A, ZI9224, ZI9234A1, ZI9224AA, ZI2443A, ZI2443, ZI2444, ZBA6224, ZBA3224, ZBA5224, ZPL9234A1, ZI9225A, ZI9225, ZI9235A1, ZI9225AA, ZI2403A, ZI2403, ZI2404, ZBA6230, ZBA3230, ZKR154, ZRT14FC, ZI9155A, ZI9155AA, ZI1603A, ZI9155, ZI1603, ZI1604, ZBA3160, ZBA6160, ZBA5160, ZPL9155A, ZRT16FC, ZI1643A, ZI1643, ZI9154A, ZI1644, ZI9154AA, ZBA3154, ZBA6154, ZBA5154, ZUD9154A, ZQS6140, ZI9195A, ZI9195AA, ZBA6190, ZBA6190A, ZBA7190A, ZBA3190A, ZBA19020SA, ZBA19040SA, ZBA19020SV, ZI9194A, ZI9194AA, ZBA6184, ZBA6184A, ZBA7184A, ZBA3184A, ZBA17420SA, ZI9345A, ZBA7330, ZBA33040SA, ZI9321A, ZBA6317, ZBA31445SA, ZRC250, ZRC25SM, ZRC250S8, ZC300R3, ZC340D4, ZRC29SD, ZD19/5R, ZRD23JC, ZD29/7DS3, ZD29/7DL3, ZK17/7GO, ZK17/7AGO, ZK17/7ATO, ZRB24S, ZRB2520S, ZRB2520W, ZRB24S8, ZRB625MW, ZI918/8K, ZI2503RV, ZI918/8KA, ZI2504RV, SC71440-5I, ZBB3244, ZBB6244, ZBB2244, ZBB24430SA, ZI9280D, ZBT6284, ZBT27430SA, ZI920/9K, ZI920/9KA, ZI720/9K, ZI3103RV, ZI920/9KAA, ZI3104RV, ZI921/9KA, ZBB8294, ZBB3294, ZBB6294, ZBB7294, ZBB7297, ZBB29430SA, ZBB29450SA, ZBB29445SA, ZI722/10DAC, ZI922/9DAC, ZI922/9K, ZI922/9KA, ZBB6297, ZI918/12K, ZI918/12KA, ZBB6284, ZBB5284, ZBB28440SA, ZBB8297, ZBB29455SA, ZI918/9FFA, ZBB7266, ZBB6266, ZBB26650SA, ZI921/8FF, ZI921/8FFA, ZBB6286, ZBB5286, ZBB28650SA, ZK19/7AGO, ZRB27S, ZRD20S, ZI9210DA, ZI2003/2T, ZI2004/2T, ZBT3204, ZBT6204, ZBT20420SA, ZRB2825S, ZRB2825W, ZRB2825SR, ZRB2625S, ZRB2630W, ZRB2725W, ZRB2925S, ZRB2925W, ZK25/9X, ZK24/10X, ZK24/10, ZI918/9KA, ZBB6254, ZBB25430SA, ZRG15800WA, ZRG716CW, ZRG14800WA, ZBA3160A, ZBA6160A, ZBA2160A, ZBA15020SA, ZBA15040SA, ZBA15020SV, ZBA15040SC, ZBA3154A, ZBA6154A, ZBA14420SA, ZBA14440SA, ZBA14440SC, ZQS6140A, ZQS3140A, ZQA14030DA, ZQS6124A, ZQS3124A, ZQA12430DA, ZUS6140A, ZUA14020SA, ZUS6141A, ZUS6144A, ZUA12420SA, ZT154RM, ZI6165I
  • And Models: ZI7165, ZFC245R, ZI7164, ZC246R1, ZC247R1, ZU9124, ZUD9124, ZI2442, ZI2402/1, ZR55/1W, ZR65/1SI, ZT164R2, ZT164RM, ZT174RM, ZI1602, ZPL9155, ZL56W, ZL56SA, ZT165R2, ZL66W, ZL66SI, ZT165RM, ZT175RM, ZL95W, ZI1642, ZPL9154, ZUD9154, ZI5195, ZI7195, ZI9195, ZI5193, ZI7194, ZI7235, ZI9235, ZI9235A, ZI2402, ZI7243, ZI6234I, ZI5233, ZI7234, ZI9234A, ZI9234, ZI 2442, ZI9234AA, ZPL9234A, ZI9320A, ZD18/6R, ZA28S, ZD29/7RM3, ZK18/9R, ZK18/9AGO, ZI918/8 K, ZI720/9 K, ZI3102RV, ZIC722/9L, ZI722/9DAC, ZI22/9DAC, ZI718/12K, ZI720/8FF, ZI920/8FF, ZR304CTH, ZRC704CS, ZI9330B, ZO25Y, ZO25N, ZO25S, ZA25Y, ZA25S, ZD20/5RM, ZA25N, ZA25A, ZA25BL, ZA25PW, ER7535D, ZD21/5RM, ZA24S, ZI5250D, ZI7250D, ZI9250DA, ZD16/3R3, ZI718/9K, ZD20/5R, ZD20/9R, ZLA99W, ZRC250-1, ZA98/3W, ZA96/3W, ZC18/9 1, ZRC2501, ZBB24440SA, ZBB29430SV, ZERT6675, ZRT1675, ZERT6674S, ZEL160W, ZT185R3, ZERT6775, ZC280R3, ZEL296, ZC300R4, ZERC3025, ZERC3025X, ZD19/5R3, ZD22/7RM3, ZD21/5RM3, ZA26S3, ZD29/7RM4, ZK18/8R3, CZC17/6A, ZERB2520, ZERB2520SI, ZERB2520SR, ZRB2520SR, ZK18/9R3, ZK19/7R3, ZERB2420, ZRB7825W, ZERB2825, ZERB2825M, ZERB2825S, ZRB7821, ZERB3120, ZENB2625SI, ZENB2625, ZENB250SI, CZC16/9FA, ZEBF250W, ZNB2660, ZRB7725W, ZENB2725SI, ZENB2725, ZENB2720, ZEBF262W, ZRN7626, ZENB2925SI, ZENB2925, ZENB2920, ZEBF290W, ZEBF290SI, ZK25/9R4, ZECBST/W, ZERB3225X, ZRB3225X, ZK19/9R4, ZR66/4SI, ZT175PGO, ZK25/9R3, ZK26/9R3, ZEBF336, ZK19/9R3, ZT174PGO
SaleBestseller No. 14Bestseller No. 14
Dometic 9600000601 21 Litre Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer, 12 V/24 V
  • Runs on 12/24 V DC or 100-240 V AC
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing down to -18 degrees Celsius
  • Approximately 21.5 Litre capacity
  • Digital temperature display
  • Compressor cooling technology
Bestseller No. 15Bestseller No. 15
White Knight FF225H 223L 50/50 Freestanding Combi Fridge Freezer - White
  • Energy Class A+
  • Dimensions: 1665 x 550 x 580mm
  • Energy Consumption: 232kWh/annum
  • Reversible Doors
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
Bestseller No. 16Bestseller No. 16
Bosch Refrigeration Fridge Door Shelf Rack Tray. Genuine part number 00704751
  • Genuine replacement fridge door shelf rack tray for your refrigeration.
  • This can fit refrigerations sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part/accessory is suitable for click on "See more product details" and then click "See all product details".
  • This is a Genuine Product.
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
Bestseller No. 17Bestseller No. 17
SPARES2GO Plastic Bottle Shelf Tray Rack for MFI APM6816 APM6855 APM6826 Refrigerator / Fridge Freezer
  • Grooved Bottle Rack / Shelf Tray made for SPARES2GO to fit MFI fridge freezers
  • Fits models: APM6816 APM6855 APM6826
  • Measurements: 270 mm x 295 mm
  • High quality, fully compatible spare / replacement part
Bestseller No. 18Bestseller No. 18
Side part holder bottle compartment Liebherr refrigerator economy set right 7438550 and left 7427329
  • Savings set for your Liebherr refrigerator Scope of delivery: 1 side part right + 1 side part left
  • Manufacturer description: Right side panel: Liebherr 7438550 possible article overprint: H7427335 H74277331 R Side section on the left: Liebherr 7427329 possible article overprint: H7427333 H7427329 L
  • Product Features: Color white Material: Plastic
Bestseller No. 19Bestseller No. 19
Genuine Samsung Refrigerator / Fridge Freezer Twin MT Dispenser Valve (TD09 NW2)
  • Genuine Original Dispenser Valve Unit for your Samsung Refrigerator / Fridge Freezer
Bestseller No. 20Bestseller No. 20
Miele Genuine Fridge Freezer / Refrigerator Door Handle (Silver)
  • Replacement Door Handle For Your Miele Refrigerator / Fridge Freezer.
  • ***Please check distance between screw hole fixings in gallery images before purchase***
  • Fits Models: KFN8462S, K8252S, K8253SF, K8452S, K8453SFD, K8652SD, K8653SFD-1, K8653SFD, K8667S-1, K8667S, K8682SD, K8852SD, K8867S-1, K8867S, K8882SD, KD6052S, KD6053S-1, KD6053S, KD6252S, KD6253S-1, KD6253S, KD6452S, KD6453S-1, KD6453S, KD6582SD, KF8052S, KF8252S, KF8452S, KF8453S, KF8462S, KF8652S-1, KF8652S, KF8662S, KF8667S-1, KF8667S, KF8852S, KF8862S, KFN8452SD, KFN8462SD, KFN8652SD, KFN8662S, KFN8662SD, KFN8667S-1, KFN8667S-2
  • and models: KFN8667S, KFN8852SD, KFN8862SD, KT4053S, KT4253SD, KT4582SD, KTN4252SD, KTN4452SD, k8652sd, FN4252S, FN4263S, FN4452S, FN4457S, FN4463S, FN4482S, FN4492S, FN4493S, FN4652S, FN4657S, FN4663S, FN4667S, FN4692S, FN4693S, FN4697S, FN4852S, FN4857S, FN4863S, FN4867S, FN4892S, FN4893S, FN4897S, F4052S
  • Genuine Miele Replacement Spare Part.
Bestseller No. 21Bestseller No. 21
Liebherr Genuine Fridge Freezer Door Handle (White, 310mm)
  • Replacement White Door Handle For Your Liebherr Fridge Freezer.
  • Product Specifcations: Length: 310 mm Width: 65 mm Height: 90 mm Hole spacing: 244 mm
  • Fits Models: B275620, B275620A, B275620B, B275620C, B275620D, B275620E, B275620F, B275620G, B275621, B275621A, B275621B, C352322, C352322A, C352322B, C352322C, C352322K, C352323, C352323A, C353320, C353321, C353321A, C402321, C402322, C402322A, C402322B, C402322I, C402323, C402323A, CBN365620D, CBN365620E, CBN365620F, CBN365620G, CBN365620H, CBN365620I, CBN365620J, CBN365620K, CBN365621, CBN365621A, CBN365621B, CBN365621C, CBN373320, CBN373320A, CBN373320B, CBN373320C, CBN373320D, CBN373320E, CBN373320F, CBN373320G, CBN373321, CBN373321A, CBN373321B, CBN391320, CBN391320A, CBN391320B, CBN391320C, CBN391320D, CBN391320E, CBN391320F, CBN391320G, CBN391320H, CBN391320I, CBN391320J, CBN391321, CBN391321A, CBN391321B, CBN395620G, CBN395620H, CBN395620I, CBN395620J, CBN395620K, CBN395620L, CBN395620M, CBN395620N, CBN395620O, CBN395620P, CBN395621, CBN395621B, CBN395621C, CBN465620D, CBN465620F, CBN465620G, CBN465620H, CBN506620, CBN506620A, CBN506620B, CBN506620C, CBN506620D, CBN515620D, CBN515620F, CBN515620G, CBN515620H, CBN515620I, CBN515620J, CBN515620K, CBN515620L, CBNP395620, CBNP395620A, CBNP395620C, CBNP395620D, CBNP395621, CBNP395621A, CBNP395621B, CBNP395621C, CBNP515620, CBNP515620A, CBNP515620B, CBNP515620C, CBNP515620D, CBP361320, CBP361320A, CBP361320B, CBP361320C, CBP361320D, CBP361320E, CBP361321, CBP361321A, CBP361321B, CBP401320, CBP401320A, CBP401320B, CBP401320C, CBP401320D, CBP401320E, CBP401321, CBP401321A, CBP401321B, CBP403320, CBP403320A, CBP403320B, CBP403320C, CBP403320D, CBP403320E, CBP403320F, CBP403321, CBP403321A, CBP403321B, CBP403321C, CBP404320, CBP404320A, CBP404320B, CN350321F, CN350321G, CN350321H, CN350321I, CN350321J, CN350321K, CN350321L, CN350321M, CN350321N, CN350323, CN350323A, CN350323B, CN350323C, CN351321E, CN351321F, CN351321G, CN351321H, CN351321J, CN351321K, CN351321L, CN351321M, CN351321N, CN355620E, CN355620F, CN355620G, CN355620H, CN355620I, CN391321D, CN391321E, CN391321F, CN391321G, CN391321H, CN391321I, CN391321J
  • And Models: CN391321K, CN391321L, CN391321M, CN391322, CN391322A, CN391322B, CN391322C, CN395620D, CN395620E, CN395620F, CN395620G, CN395620H, CN400321E, CN400321F, CN400321G, CN400321H, CN400321I, CN400321J, CN400321K, CN400321L, CN400321M, CN400323, CN400323A, CN400323B, CN401321D, CN401321F, CN401321G, CN401321H, CN401321I, CN401321J, CN401321K, CN401321L, CN401321M, CN401322, CN401322A, CN401322B, CN402321C, CN402321E, CN402321F, CN402321G, CN402321H, CN402321I, CN402321J, CN402321L, CN402321M, CN402321N, CN402321O, CN402322, CN402322A, CN402322B, CN402322C, CN405620E, CN405620F, CN405620G, CN405620I, CN405620J, CN461320, CN461320A, CN465620C, CN465620E, CN501320, CN505620, CN505620A, CN505620B, CN511320F, CN511320G, CN511320H, CN511320I, CN511320J, CN511320L, CN511321, CN511321A, CN511321B, CN511321C, CN512320G, CN512320H, CN512320I, CN512320J, CN512320K, CN512320L, CN512320M, CN512320N, CN512320O, CN515620C, CNP351320, CNP351320A, CNP351320B, CNP351320C, CNP351320D, CNP351321, CNP351321A, CNP351321B, CNP351321C, CNP351321D, CNP391320, CNP391320A, CNP391320B, CNP391320C, CNP391320D, CNP391321, CNP391321A, CNP391321B, CNP391321C, CNP391321D, CNP400320A, CNP401320, CNP401320A, CNP401320B, CNP401320C, CNP401320D, CNP401321, CNP401321A, CNP401321B, CNP401321C, CNP403320A, CNP405620B, CNP405620C, CNP405620D, CNP405620E, CNP405620F, CNP405620G, CNP405620H, CNP405620J, CNP405620K, CNP405621, CNP405621A, CNP405621B, CP341320, CP341321, CP341321A, CP341321B, CP341321C, CP352320, CP352320A, CP352321, CP352321A, CP352321B, CP352321C, CP352321D, CP352321M, CP352322, CP352322A, CP352322B, CP352322C, CP381320, CP381321, CP381321A, CP381321B, CP381321C, CP402321J, CP402322, CP402322A, CP402322B, CP402322C, CP461320, CP461321A, CP461321B, CP461321C, CP461321D, CP461322A, CP461322C, CTN321320, CTN321320A, CTN321320B, CTN322320, CTN322320A, CTN365320, CTN365320A, CTN365320B, CTN366320, CTN366320A, CTN465320, CTP301620, CTP301621, CTP301621A, CTP301621B, CTP331620, CTP331621
  • And Models: CTP331621A, CTP331621B, CTP465320, CTP465320A, CTP465320B, CU310320, CU310321, CU310321A, CU310321B, CU310321C, CU350320, CU350320A, CU350321, CU350321A, CU350321B, CU402320, CU402320A, CU402320B, CU402320C, CU402320D, CU402321, CU402322, CU402322A, CU402322B, CUN310320, CUN310320A, CUN310320B, CUN310320C, CUN312320E, CUN312320F, CUN312320G, CUN312320H, CUN312320I, CUN312320J, CUN312320L, CUN312320M, CUN312320N, CUN312320O, CUN312321, CUN312321A, CUN312321B, CUN312321C, CUN350320, CUN350320A, CUN350320B, CUN350320C, CUN350320D, CUN350320E, CUN352320E, CUN352320F, CUN352320G, CUN352320H, CUN352320I, CUN352320J, CUN352320K, CUN352320L, CUN352320M, CUN352320N, CUN352321, CUN352321A, CUN352321B, CUN352321C, CUN353320, CUN353320A, CUN353320B, CUN353320C, CUN353320D, CUN353321, CUN353321A, CUN353321B, CUN353321C, CUN353321D, CUN390320, CUN390320A, CUN390320B, CUN390320C, CUN390320D, CUN390320E, CUN392320E, CUN392320F, CUN392320G, CUN392320H, CUN392320I, CUN392320J, CUN392320K, CUN392320L, CUN392320M, CUN392320N, CUN392321, CUN392321A, CUN392321B, CUN392321C, CUN393320, CUN393320A, CUN393320B, CUN393320C, CUN393321, CUN393321A, CUN393321B, CUN393321C, CUN393321D, CUN400320, CUN400320A, CUN400320B, CUN400320C, CUN400320D, CUN400320E, CUN402320E, CUN402320F, CUN402320G, CUN402320H, CUN402320I, CUN402320J, CUN402320K, CUN402320L, CUN402320M, CUN402320N, CUN402321, CUN402321B, CUN402321C, CUN403320, CUN403320A, CUN403320B, CUN403320C, CUN403321, CUN403321A, CUN403321B, CUN403321C, CUP290120, CUP290120A, CUP290120B, CUP290120C, CUP290121, CUP290121A, CUP290121B, CUP290121C, CUP290121D, CUP290121E, CUP322120, CUP322121, CUP322121A, CUP322121B, CUP322121C, CUP350320E, CUP351320, CUP351320A, CUP351320B, CUP465320, CUP465320A, CUP465320B, G301320, G301320A, G301320B, G301320D, G301320E, G301320F, G301320G, G351320, G351320A, G351320B, G351320D, G351320E, G351320F, G401320, G401320A, G401320B, G401320C, G401320D, G401320E, G401320F And Many More, Please see dimensions
Bestseller No. 22Bestseller No. 22
Scan Part 1112300018 Universal Refrigerator Bulb, E14, 15 W
  • Life: approximately 1000 hours
  • Luminosity: 110 lm
  • Pack of 2
Bestseller No. 23Bestseller No. 23
Waterdrop DA29-00003G Fridge Freezer Water Filter Replacement for Samsung Aqua Pure PLUS DA29-00003G, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A, DA97-06317A, HAFCU1/XAA, HAFIN2/EXP, APP100/1, WSS-1, WF289 (1)
  • 💧【NSF TESTED AND CERTIFIED】Our filters are tested and certified by NSF international against NSF/ANSI Standard 42.
  • 💧【PREMIUM CARBON BLOCK】 The carbon block used in our refrigerator cartridge is made of pure coconut shell carbon in a "block" construction, the structural design of which offers a high contaminant-absorption rate.
  • 💧【EXCELLENT FILTRATION PERFORMANCE】The advanced filtration technology ensures that your drinking water is free from chlorine, odour and taste, organic chemicals, suspended particles, as well as other potentially harmful water contaminants. All you get is clean and healthy water!
  • 💧【SATISFACTORY CAPACITY】Enjoy better drinking water for up to 300 gallons or 1,137 liters. The filter should be replaced every 6 months, however you may notice you need to replace it sooner as it will depend on your usage and water quality/hardness. If you are purchasing this through Amazon's Subscribe & Save, we recommend an interval of approximately 4-6 months.
  • 💧【COMPATIBLE PART NUMBERS】Compatible with SAMSUNG DA29-00003G, DA29-00003, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003A-B, DA2900003A, DA2900003B; Model number: RSH1JEMH, RSG5DURS1, RSG5DUMH, RSE8DPUS, RS21DPSM, RS21DGRS, RS20CCSV, RFG23DERS, RSG5UCRS, RSE8DPAS, RSH7ZNMH1/XEU, RS21DABB
Bestseller No. 24Bestseller No. 24
Samsung RSA1UTMG Inline Fridge Ice & Water Filter - Genuine Part
  • Filters + Purifies Domestic Water with Chlorine Reduction or Removal + Taste & Odour Improvements
Bestseller No. 25Bestseller No. 25
Genuine Hotpoint Spare Parts Refrigerator Salad Drawer C00283220
  • Manufacturers genuine part number
  • Genuine spare part direct from the manufacturer
  • This part is suitable for selected Hotpoint Fridge Freezers. Please use the model list in description to check this part fits your appliance
  • Don't let a damaged salad drawer minimise the life of fruit and vegetables. We can supply a fresh replacement to maximise the shelf life of your perishable items and keep your refrigerator looking tidy and organised.
Bestseller No. 26Bestseller No. 26
Genuine Hotpoint Spare Parts Refrigerator Lamp Cover C00271073
  • Manufacturers genuine part number
  • Genuine spare part direct from the manufacturer
  • This part is suitable for selected Hotpoint Refrigerators. Please use the model list in description to check this part fits your appliance
  • Have you accidentally damaged the lamp cover in your Hotpoint refrigerator? This spare part is designed to protect the lamp from food residue and any stains. This part is a genuine Hotpoint replacement.
Bestseller No. 27Bestseller No. 27
Genuine Hotpoint Spare Parts Fridge Freezer Door Seal C00142652
  • Manufacturers genuine part number
  • Genuine spare part direct from the manufacturer
  • This part is suitable for selected Hotpoint Fridge Freezers. Please use the model list in description to check this part fits your appliance.
  • If one of the doors to your fridge freezer does not seem to be closing properly, or if the fridge/freezer compartment does not seem to be chilling/freezing as well as it should then you may need to replace the door seal. This genuine Hotpoint replacement part will keep your food fresh and reduce your energy bills.
Bestseller No. 28Bestseller No. 28
SPARES2GO Door Middle Bottle Dairy Shelf for Bush Fridge Freezer Refrigerators FG1700
  • Door Middle Bottle Dairy Shelf made for SPARES2GO to fit Bush Fridge Freezers / Refrigerators
  • Fits models: FG1700
  • Premium quality, fully compatible replacement / spare part
SaleBestseller No. 29Bestseller No. 29
Subcold Super85 LED - Under-Counter Fridge With Stainless Steel Door | 85L Beer, Wine and Drinks Fridge | LED Light + Lock and Key | Low Energy A+
  • SUBCOLD TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE - Premium Under Counter Drinks Fridge with Advanced Compressor Cooling Technology Built in with Subcold Temperature Range of 0-10°C [Adjustable Thermostat] Suitable for Wine Bottles, Beer Cans, Soft Drinks, Milk, Water, Snacks and Much Much More!
  • QUALITY BUILD CONSTRUCTION - High Density Foam Injection Cabinet Mould with High Grade Dual Glazed Stainless Steel Safety Glass Door. Dimensions = [W] 474 x [D] 435 x [H] 844 mm. Net Capacity = 80L
  • LOW ENERGY + LOW NOISE - Super Low A+ Rated Energy Consumption with only 102kWh / Per Year Making it the Lowest in its Class. Super Low Noise Output - only 42dB Making it Suitable for use in Most Rooms in the Home or the Office!
  • COOLER BY DESIGN - Additional Features Include 4 Strong Removable & Adjustable Chrome Wire Shelves, Internal LED Light + Security Lock & Key [2 Keys Supplied] to Keep the Contents of Your Glass Fronted Drinks Chiller on Display and Safe at All Times Even When Your Not Around.
  • FULL CERTIFICATION + 2 YEARS FULL WARRANTY - All Subcold Products are Tested to High UK Standards and Come Complete with CE and ROHS Certification + WEEE compliance and includes a Full 2 Years Warranty Period for Extra Peace of Mind!
Bestseller No. 30Bestseller No. 30
Useful HM-050K.4 2 PIN/ 3 PIN Switch Fridge Freezer Interior Light Switch Refrigerator Door Light Switch Fridge Part(Two Pins,White)
  • ✔Designed for use in a refrigerator as a light switch, turning "on" when the door is opened
  • ✔Switch is normally on until the activator is depressed; or pushed down by closing the door
  • ✔Widely used in various refrigerators, freezers, electronic cabinets, refrigeration equipment, door light control products, etc.
  • ✔Electrical lifespan: 50000 times
  • ✔Package Included: 1 x 2 PIN/3 PIN Refrigerator Door Light Switch

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Is it a wise idea buying refrigerator parts online?

Personally I do most of my shopping online and buying refrigerator parts is no difference to me. it’s so easy seeing all the different reviews, comparing different products and making a wise buying decision.

What is the most important thing to look for when buying refrigerator parts?

It’s highly important that you look at the quality of material when buying refrigerator parts. You want something that will last you for several years to come. so look carefully in other buyers reviews and make the best decision on your new refrigerator parts

How long should the warranty be when buying refrigerator parts?

Always Choose a refrigerator parts that comes with a reasonable warranty. If something breaks, the warranty protects you from having to buy a brand new shower head. You just need to take it to the service center to have the product repaired or replaced. Most manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty.|

is there a life time warranty when buying refrigerator parts?

There are many different kinds of warranty . some of them come with a life time warranty, some have 2 years warranty or 5 years. and some have no warranty at all. we recommend going for bare minimum of 5 years warranty on your refrigerator parts – that’s enough time to get value out of your new refrigerator parts.|

What is the minimum time of warranty you recommended when buying a new refrigerator parts?

We like to go with a minimum of 2 years warranty when buying a new refrigerator parts. there is really no need to for a life time warranty as with any product there is some tear&ware and it’s ok to replace a refrigerator parts. }

How did you make this refrigerator parts best list?

we looked into many different factors when listing our top refrigerator parts. one crucial factor was comparing the price to value aspect. how much exactly we are getting for our money when buying this specific refrigerator parts. that was a big one. we also looked into various other factors, such as review score, features, and comparing all the refrigerator parts with each other.

How much am I suppose to spend on new refrigerator parts?

Remember that buying a good refrigerator parts is a one time purchase (hopefully) and in addition it is something that you use on a daily basis. you don’t want to save $5 on an item like this – so always go for the best refrigerator parts you can afford to buy.